The projects we have worked on #android #iOS

Phonzie: phonzie is a mobile app for urban mobility that facilitates consumers’ parking fees and public transport payments. Rome, Turin, Florence and Bologna are some of the cities that use our services. Phonzie allows you to pay only the effective parking time, with no extra costs. Developed in .Net tecnology, SQL database, and native code Android and iOS for the mobile side.

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InTherapy is a web and mobile platform developed in partnership with Centro Studi Cognitivi. Intherapy is a tool that facilitates the psychotherapy counselling and communication between therapist and patient, with an app available on both ends. Thanks to inTherapy, the therapist can suggest questionnaire and therapy tools to the patient, send activity reminders, chat and extract therapy trends and reports. Developed in Java code for the web, native code Swift and Android for apps.

Integration with Skidata Car park

Skidata, a worldwide company leader in access solutions for people and vehicles. We developed a system connecting third party servers and Skidata DAZ, that manages the parking entrances and flow. This connection allows third party to manage remotely (from website or app), the payment, access control and promotion in those parking lots that are equipped with Skidata technology. Developed in C#.

Access control
Developed for Serie A footballs clubs, Access Control is a mobile app that allows you to verify access to the entrance to the stadium turnstiles , allowing you to manage a large flow of people in a fast and orderly manner. Simple and intuitive, Access Control can be also used for gigs, fairs and events with numerous attendees. Developed in Android.
Gestical platform for energy metering.

Developed for Gestical SA, Swiss company leader in the field of energy savings services, this software manages the accounting of large facilities’ energy consumption, both private and public. The development included specific algorithms calculations, as well as third parties integration in relation to data collection from heat meters and the transmission of data to external subjects. Developed in C#.

Add Up
Add up can be associated to the management of two or more organizations to collect and uniform data for the reconciliation of the parties involved. Originally developed for the tourism sector (allows the reconciliation of hotel bookings, credit card payments and commissions), was after customised for every type of numerical reconciliation. Add Up collects data through different formats and from different management systems and reconcile the total sum, highlighting errors and giving the chance to interact with the other party. Developed in C#.
Moog modules for the communication with HMI systems.

For Moog, world’s leading provider of high-performance motion control solutions, we have refactored plug-ins connected to the communication software of industrial automation systems. Moog’s modules, developed in C#, allow the configuration and editing of automation software that regulate production machines, simplifying the operators’ lives.

Park Monitor
With park monitor, the parking lot manager can monitor in real time the availability of free spaces within the parking and monitor real-time, in a simple and effective way, the entrance-exit flow. Park monitor allows the management of the entrance in the parking in an efficient way, monitor the daily revenue and check the weekly and monthly stats of the parking slots. Park monitor was developed in .NET language, with SQL database.
Biomass System Management
This program comprises a neural network (deep learning) that recognises the type of biomass inserted and its respective trend-related activities displayed by the managing system. The software can predict the system future behaviour based on the type of biomass used in the structure. The software was trained, as it is showed by the image, on the basis of the inserted biomass features.
Improving KPI workforce
We worked with a multinational company producing machine tools with a highly flexible workforce, we developed a software that allows the client to centralize the evaluation of professional performance and, at the same time, constitute a digital platform available to all employees so that they can exchange tips for professional improvement.
Sales front end con microservices structure
It is an e-commerce connected to Kubernetes’ microservices and ERP integration with third party for electronic invoicing and with Microsoft CRM for re-marketing management, sales reports and sales KPI analysis. The IT structure, aimed at a multinational customer operating in the B2C and B2B field, has allowed the exceptional scalability of the platform, managing large dataflows with large data sources.
Predictive Maintenance
This program was developed for machine tools’ maintenance. It is based both upon the scheduled maintenance timetable suggested by manufacturers’ specifications, paired with an algorithm that learns from the machine past maintenance history and from sensors parameters. The client was a company producing such machine tools, therefore an additional module of the software was a connection with a customized e-commerce to sell spare parts.
Sales Force Budgeting
Sales force-focused budget management software that allows to set reward thresholds based on sales performance. The data are populated via automatic connections with third-party CRM and with the company’s ERP software. Thanks to this, a single HR person can plan and monitor the activity of the sales force globally. An effective change that does not alter the working habits of neither the sales force department nor the central headquarters.
Parking sales Software
We developed this software for a client managing a large area (Serie A stadium) for sport events and other kind; the main feature is selling parking lots in the dates scheduled for the event, issuing automatic invoicing (via the connection of ERP company and SDI Agenzia delle Entrate), and producing reports for economic KPI. To this program was added an extra module, a mobile app, to enable stewards to directly sell tickets themselves with cashless collection.
Custom funcionality for GEDI Gruppo Editoriale. developed custom functionalities and platform on Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud for GEDI Gruppo Editoriale, with the implementation of web services for components’ integration.

Development for FCA

In the PMS and Quality area for FCA, we developed a system that enables the communication of data and anomalies’ reports on the production line, using Microsoft technologies.

Microservices for Pirelli

We worked with Pirelli in the analysis and implementation of microservices using Java, the development of cloud services using AWS and Docker technology, the implementation of responsive web-app, server-side modules and API integrations.

New e-commerce modules for Unipol

We worked with Unipol to analyse and implement new modules thanks to the Magento technology.

Python development for Amundi

We partnered with Amundi on an Asset Management project using Python for analysis and implementation purposes.

API alterations for Esselunga

We modified APIs responses for Esselunga mobile apps: Man.o, PMWeb, Avvisi, Libretto, Magazzino, Picking-UT.

Integrations to Diablo’s app for Pirelli

We worked with Pirelli to improve their ‘’Diablo’’ mobile app, adding road maps interface and social media login.

Fastweb forecasting event

We worked with fastweb on a project aimed at predicting the numbers of tickets support opened on the telephone network, based on previously collected data on internal logs.

Sky Italia websites

We partnered with Sky Italia to develop X Factor Italy and Italy’s Got Talent brand new websites using React.js.

Apex code writing and bug fixing for Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.
In the ‘Patrimonio Rilancio per Cassa Depositi e Prestiti’ project, we carried out bug fixing activities and Apex code writing, with class test development.