Customized software

Forget the limits. Target the perfect software solution for you. There is no universal software product out of the box. Technology has infinite potential: why not exploit it? Starting from the specific needs and requirements of your company, we create 100% customized software, guaranteeing a very high quality standard.

Tailor-made company app

Mobile apps can be very powerful, fast and easy to use business tools for any user.
They allow you to optimize production and organizational activities, coordinate staff, logistics, warehouse, up to controlling entire processes remotely, with minimal effort. We specialize in developing iOS and Android apps in native code. If you want more information, contact us!

Microservices e architectures IT

With the continuous evolution of technologies and the emergence of increasingly specific business needs, it is essential to resort to good maintenance and a precise, professional and tailor-made problem solving service. Find out how we can help you!

Artificial intelligence

We at Lenis have faith in the alliance and collaboration between man and machine, we believe in technology as a resource and we like to be among the promoters of this ever-changing world. Artificial intelligence, and in particular machine learning, can find countless applications within business processes. Find out how we can help you on your path to innovation!

The phases of a tailor made software:


Speak about your project. Your ideas are important 


We analyze your requests, evaluate their technological feasibility and, if necessary, suggest alternative solutions. Whatever the project, you can count on the professionalism of an expert team that is always ready for new challenges, coordinated by a Project Manager who will ensure orderly, punctual and quality work.


In this phase you’ll see the grafics we are developing for you.


We develop your idea!

We write codes, with documentations and we check the integration of multiple components;

We test carefully the data to find out the criticality;

Last but not least: we write the manual.

Delivery and Follow-up

You’ll see the final result of the software.